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Browse our comprehensive online process database to:

Learn about specific processes and file types

Find out if they are harmful to your PC

Learn which ones slow down your PC

Take the guesswork out of what should and should not be on your PC

Access expert advice and recommendations

We deep scour your PC to locate and destroy all viruses, spyware, malware & more hiding on your PC - all from the comfort of your home!

Available 24x7- so you never have to worry about a virus disrupting your life.

It's convenient, affordable and secure! Only $89.95

  Free System Tools:

Free System Scanner Download
Is your PC unstable, slow or full of error messages?

Find out what's bogging it down with X-Ray My PC's free System Scanner. In just minutes, X-Ray My PC will deep scan your PC and generate a detailed report.

Processes Database
Is your PC running slower than normal? Worried it could be a security threat?

Although some processes are essential, others can contain spyware, Trojans and can seriously compromise your privacy. Other processes can hog valuable resources and slow down your PC.

We eliminate any guesswork by providing a free resource that offers expert advice, detailed descriptions and more.

File Types Database
Tired of file type error messages?

It’s often difficult to determine which program is required to open certain file types.

Using our free File Extension database, you can search for and browse different file extensions in order to match extensions with applications.

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